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El-Banate Dol (These Girls) is a documentary that takes us deep into the universe of adolescent girls living on the streets of Cairo, a universe of violence and oppression, as well as freedom.

These girls astonish us by the strength they exude, the laughs that enliven them and the hardness they have to use to face each day.

They are women, and thus twice marginalized. Their existence, their lives and adopted codes defy the social models.

Their days are full of perils, be it the police shake downs or the kidnapping by their fellow street dwellers… Whether they are women, children, mothers, or all that at the same time, they can’t but live in the present. We catch a glimpse of the child within them in the dances, laughs and acrobatics, as well as in the fights that sometimes degenerate. But there is always that solidarity…

El-Banate Dol (These Girls) is also the story of the encounter of Tata, Mariam, Abeer and Dunya with another woman, Hind. An encounter under the sign of love.  Hind is a luminous person. A practicing veiled Moslem. She is animated by the universal principles of respect for every person.  Her engagement for the girls brings her to transgress social barriers and taboos.

This film makes us discover a world, invisible to indifferent eyes, but whose existence witnesses the vital and secret workings of society.






Studio Masr production
Format HD
68 minutes – Color

el-banate dol 2006 © Studio Masr

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