Up until it became state owned, the Studio Misr housed the blooming of Egyptian cinema, symbolized by film directors such as Salah Abou Seif and Shady Abdel Salam, incarnated by stars such as the eternal diva Om Kalsoum, Farid El Attrash and Soad Hosni, who all were its artisans.

Years go by, the studios deteriorate slowly but surely; they are in ruins when Karim Gamal El Din takes over.  In the beginning it was a challenge, a passionate adventure, the extent of which Karim ignored. Everything, absolutely everything was to be redone, starting from the water pipes…  Discoveries and bad surprises kept coming up, yet did not undermine the “crazy gang’s” determination, or their ambition to bring back to the studios the soul that once animated it, and its high expectations of artistic and technical quality.

A spirit that prevailed when great Egyptian films such as The Mummy, Lebet El-Set, Al-Azeema, Ayamna El-Helwa, or international films such as The Ten Commandments, Cesar and Cleopatra and The Valley Of the Kings passed through the studios during various stages of their production.

Since then, the laboratory has been resuscitated. It can develop and print 35 mm and 16 mm films in a space equipped with ultramodern material.  Digital editing rooms and a sound studio created by Tom Hidley, are also available to Egyptian film directors and to international productions. Today 350 film lovers are busy working within. Studio Masr was very proud to bring to Cannes in the Official Selection 2006, Out of Competition, its very first production El-Banate Dol (These Girls).


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