The film starts with the broadcasted trial of the ousted president Hosni Mubarak on national Egyptian television. We are in Sameh’s family house – Sameh being the film’s recordist – with his father Gamal and his mother Wafaa.

The film covers a period of six months, starting from the president’s dismissal to the first parliamentary elections that will be the prelude to the rise of the Moslem Brotherhood to power. But let’s not anticipate…  We are still in the first days; speech is being freed but still stupefied by its boldness. Spirits are galvanized by their very new skill to write history. A new energy fills the hearts, and hope is everywhere in all the tones.

A chronicle of daily life of an Egyptian family throughout these post revolution months during which our characters attempt to measure the significance of the events that keep jostling in order to grasp their repercussions both on the personal and collective levels.

For Gamal, a Professor of Chemical Engineering, this is an irreversible process. The young people’s enthusiasm overwhelms and touches him, but a deep long breath is needed in order to complete the change.








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