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Karim Gamal El Din


Born in Egypt, Karim Gamal El Din joins the American University, Cairo till 1984 where he majors in Psychology, Literature and Mass Communication.  In 1987, he graduates as a Bachelor of Mass Communication from Menlo College (Paolo Alto, California).

In 1988, he founds the company ORKA for Digital Special Effects, the first of its kind in the Middle East, then in 1990, the company ELIXIR for Film Production and Distribution.

In 1997, the company ELIXIR is the first to introduce off-line editing in Egyptian cinema. In the year 2000, ELIXIR expands by landing lease on the mythical Studio Misr, one of the first and largest film studios in Egypt, and the one that launched Egyptian film industry. Since then, the name was slightly transformed to become Studio Masr of which he is the CEO (Misr -or Masr as pronounced by Egyptians- meaning Egypt). But the real transformation of the studio lies in restored buildings, modernized equipment and new technologies introduced, notably at the level of editing and sound.

Karim is first of all a filmmaker; we owe him Hassan and Aziza: A State Security Case in 1999 that he produced as well.  We owe him also a number of documentaries including The Inauguration of Cairo Arts Palace and The Inauguration of Nubia Museum in Aswan.

A cinema passionate by all means, Karim Gamal El Din is a filmmaker, a producer, a foreman and a studio manager – all essential for a film to exist – he doesn’t hesitate to borrow whichever hat is needed for films to be made.

As a producer, we owe him El-Banate Dol (These Girls) by Tahani Rached in 2006, Ehna Etkabelna Qabl Kedah (Have We Met Before) by Hisham El Shafei in 2008, and his latest production is Giran (Neighbors) by Tahani Rached (2009).




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